Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I only have the option to select one ticket on my selected date, does that mean there is only one ticket left or that I can only purchase one ticket at a time?
A: The website shows the total number of tickets available for that performance. If only one ticket is shown, then there is only one ticket left for purchase for that show.

Q: Do you have a waiting list for tickets?
A: No. However, our Facebook page is a marketplace for reselling and trading tickets among patrons. If you are looking for tickets that do not appear on our website, check there, often. Patrons have also had luck with Craigslist. We also recommend checking our website on Mondays around 12pm. This is when we will release last-minute tickets for the following week.

Q: I am interested in attending a performance but I am under 21. How can I see the show?
A: While most of our performances are for audiences age 21+, we have one show each month that is alcohol-free and open to audiences 18 and older. You can find a list of dates for our upcoming 18+ performances by clicking here.

Q: My child is interested in attending a performance but he/she is under 18. Can they attend if I accompany them?
A: Unfortunately we can’t allow individuals under 18 years old attend the show, even with an adult. Audience members spend parts of the show alone with performers, and due to liability issues we cannot allow minors to be a part of this experience.

Q: I want to purchase tickets as a gift but I want the recipient to be able to choose the date of the show. Do you have gift certificates?
A: Yes. You can purchase gift cards through this link.

Q: What is the difference between general admission and premium tickets?
A: Premium tickets are the final tickets for our most popular performance times. These shows have often been sold out for months in advance, and this offers a chance to gain last-minute access. There is no difference in the experience between these tickets and General Admission.


Q: I have misplaced my confirmation email with my order number. Can you resend it?
A: Sure! Just email us at

Q: I can’t attend the show on my ticket date. Can I exchange my tickets for a different date?
A: Sure, as long as your ticket date is more than 14 days away. Just email with your request. If your ticket date is less than 14 days away, we cannot exchange the tickets. See the information above about reselling on our Facebook page.

Q: Are tickets transferable/can I give them to a friend/sell them to a stranger?
A: Yes! Tickets are transferable. Whoever uses the tickets just needs to give the name on the reservation at the door, and have the order number, which appears in your confirmation email. Alternatively, if you email us with the name and contact information of the new ticket holder, we can change the reservation to be listed under their name. Either way, the attendees will need their own ID for proof of age.

Q: Can I get a refund?
A: Tickets are non-refundable. See the above questions about exchanges and how to resell your tickets on our Facebook page.

Q: I am buying a ticket from a third party (via Facebook/Craigslist/other). How can I be sure the tickets are legitimate?
A: Please be careful here as patrons have been scammed. You should receive an order number before you exchange any money. If you have any concerns about the legitimacy of the sale, please email and we will be happy to look up the order number and reservation name in our system to verify the tickets.


Q: I have allergies/don’t consume alcohol. Is there anything I should avoid drinking at the show?
A: You are free to decline any drinks during the show. All beverages are alcoholic except for tea (served hot). Because the preparation area is not allergen-free, people with serious allergies should decline all beverages. For information about specific ingredients, email