The New York Times
Feature Article: Adventures in a Sinister Wonderland

By Siobhan Burke | August 9, 2013

"… a lush, if fragmented story arrives by way of the exacting, exuberant choreography."


Brooklyn Magazine
The 100 Most Influential People in Brooklyn Culture

By Brooklyn Magazine | March 1, 2016

"... what better time to celebrate some of the many people who are shaping Brooklyn culture today, those people responsible for the words we want to read, the films we want to see, the music we want to hear, the art we want to experience, the spaces we want to inhabit... work that continues to make Brooklyn not just culturally relevant, but culturally vital."

The New Yorker
Goings On About Town/Review

By New Yorker Staff | April 1, 2013

"wildly imaginative… an anxiety-provoking but exciting theatrical encounter… Wonderfully written, directed, and choreographed."

The New York Times
Year in Theater: Ben Brantley’s Top 10 of 2012

By Ben Brantley |December 16, 2012

"The immersive theater company Third Rail’s personal guided tour of Alice’s Wonderland, in a former outpatient hospital in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. A show that makes you understand — and takes you to, via a labyrinth of intricately arranged rooms — the place where Lewis Carroll was coming from.”

Theater: People Are Talking About - Wonderland

By Adam Green|April, 2013

"… haunting, hallucinatory, and profoundly intimate."

American Theatre Magazine
Dance or Theatre? Yes.

By Kelundra Smith | February 23, 2016

The New York Times
Starring Me! A Surreal Dive into Immersive Theater

By Sarah Lyall | January 7, 2016

"... intimate and tightly choreographed… After a while, it felt as if we were dreaming, or mad, so febrile and charged was the atmosphere…You cannot feel more immersed than that."

The New York Times
Theater Review by Ben Brantley: “Lewis Carroll is in a Hospital”

By Ben Brantley | December 1, 2012

CRITIC’S PICK: "This show occupies a dreamscape where the judgments and classifications of the waking mind are inoperative, and where the single self keeps splitting and blurring."

The Economist
Return to Wonderland

By D.S.K. |September 23, 2014

 "Then She Fell does what the best retellings set out to do: it offers a new framework through which to contemplate a familiar story."

American Theatre Magazine
The Walls Come Tumbling Down

By Diep Tran |  July, 2013

"It requires us to have an ease that we would have in everyday life,” says co-creator Tom Pearson, who plays the White Rabbit, sans bunny suit. “It’s very cinematic. When the screen is right there in front of your face, it picks up everything. It’s the same when you’re in a room with someone."

Follow the Rabbithole To Williamsburg For The Best Show So Far This Year

By John Del Signore | March 15, 2013

"an enthralling theatrical spell is being woven… as unsettling as it is enchanting."


Feature Article - "Theater for the Video Game Generation"

By Seth Porges | October 29, 2012

"Secret rooms and passageways are the norm, as are sets that guests are encouraged to explore by sifting through drawers, pockets, and papers. Think of them as haunted houses that do more than just scare."

The Wall Street Journal
Feature Article: “A Macabre Misadventure in Wonderland”

By Lizzie Simon | October 4, 2012

"Then She Fell’ will offer a more deliberately crafted experience… to allow all of the guests to discover and accumulate bits of story until they leave with the satisfaction of having co-created, with the show itself, a narrative arc and resolution."”

Time Out New York
Theater Review: “Alice gets a new Wonderland: an abandoned hospital in Greenpoint, Brooklyn”

By Jenna Scherer | October 8, 2012

CRITIC’S PICK | 4 STARS: "Stunningly personal… When you peer into the looking glass, it stares right back at you."


by KMELEON TV | January 13, 2016


American Theatre Wing
Working In The Theatre: Immersive Theatre

by American Theatre Wing | April 29, 2014

Then She Fell: Caught In The Act

by BRIC TV | October 2, 2012